Friday, May 18, 2012

I Draw

So I wanted to show a little bit of what I worked on while studying abroad. My main love is drawing, so I took a fashion illustration class here, even though I've already taken several at the University of Cincinnati (with Randy!). Here in Italy I had a teacher named Franca. She only speaks about 10 words of English but you learn so much by just watching her. She really wanted me to loosen up my drawings because I always try to make things perfectly realistic. But fashion drawing is a lot looser than that, so she gave me great advice. Hope y'all enjoy.

I did both of those two before I came to Italy, but they're the type of thing I love doing. They're just pictures from magazines that I illustrated. 

Franca would assign us different collections every week. My two favorites were childrenswear and wedding. I never get sick of it!

These two were designs that I actually made for my sewing class. I like the illustrations better than the actual clothes though! 

By the way- These are all my original designs, please don't steal them.